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Sales Numbers for May 2014

The sales numbers for the North Okanagan are in for May, and what do they show? The absorption rate (the amount of available homes on the market that sell each month) is over 20%, and the number of homes that sold was at 134. What does this really mean? These are numbers that haven’t been seen since August and May of 2007. With the absorption rate and number of sales heading up, it stands to reason that prices are going to follow the same trend. If you find the house you are interested in, the time where you could sit back and think about it is gone. Others are probably lining up behind you. When you are ready to buy, its time to get off the fence as the house you want may have a lot of others interested in as well the longer you wait. Yesterday I wrote 2 offers to purchase!

If you’re looking to sell, now is the time to list. There will be more inventory there if you wait to long. Call me at 250-307-1101 and I will be glad to help you with your goal!

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